Warehouse Capacity

Bonded Indoor Warehouse      42.040 m²
Bonded Outdoor Space         3.200 m²
Free-Type Indoor Warehouse       30.760 m²
Free-Type Outdoor Space       44.500 m²
TOTAL   120.500 m²

Our Features

  • 24-Hours Working Opportunity
  • Experienced Security Personnel On duty for 24- Hours
  • 24 Saat görevde, deneyimli Özel Güvenlik Personeli
  • High-capacity providing opportunity for competitive pricing
  • 80 CCTV cameras recording 24-hours, both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Advanced fire detectors, fire-fighting infrastructure in each warehouse. Huge water tank with 400 tons capacity.
  • 2 electronic weighing bridges with the capacity of 60 tons
  • Central location, easy to find
  • Concrete walls offers high capacity for bulk goods ( etc. Grains and pulses)
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Hydraulic ramps
  • 118 gates provides many loading and unloading operations opportunity at the same time.
  • Thanks to wide open area, parking capacity for hundreds of vehicles in the facility
  • Modern tools and equipment for loading and unloading fast and safe
  • Experienced staff
  • Transport service is provided from Mersin Port to warehouse
  • Bonded and free warehouses at the same time, provides saving at transportation costs.
  • The goods in the warehouse insured against all risks
  • Only 5 km away from the Mersin Port